Debbie Dingell on Coronavirus: This Is Not a Time to Take Shots at the W.H. But to Work Together

‘I am worried about the supply chain’

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HARLOW: “Let’s turn the corner to another key issue that we’re all thinking about a lot right now. That is coronavirus. Because you question — had some very important questions, pressing Secretary Azar on this, just yesterday. Specifically about the supply chain for pharmaceuticals, for medical supplies, so many of which come from China. Did you get sufficient answers to your questions on that front yesterday?”


DINGELL: “So, I want to be very clear that I think all of us need to not panic and remember there are very basic things, and I’ll use this opportunity now: wash your hands frequently, go on and Google and learn how to wash them correctly. But I am worried about the supply chain, I have been from the beginning, I’ve been one of the people that’s been following this coronavirus more closely than anybody. This is a short-term issue, not a long-term issue. 90% of our pharmaceutical drugs, at least the contents of it are made in China. We can’t let that situation that’s brought light to a situation, we got to get a change, we got to make sure we’ve got sterile equipment, masks —“

HARLOW: “Yeah, that doesn’t come — that doesn’t rely on China’s supply chain. I have 30 more seconds. Quickly, given Vice President Pence’s history as governor dealing with the recent public health crisis in terms of HIV in Indiana, is he best equipped to lead this effort at the White House?”

DINGELL: “You know what? I don’t think this is a time to take shots. I think this is a time for all of us to work together. Coronavirus is a potential threat. We’ve already seen what it has done to other countries. We have got to work together. If they’re not doing what they need to do, we need to make sure they are doing what they need to do. But taking cheap shots at people right now is not the thing to do, working together is.”

HARLOW: “There you go. That’s how you solve problems. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, thank you very, very much.”

DINGELL: “Thank you.”

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