Al Sharpton: Sanders Has To Work on Black Votes in South Carolina

‘He has to work on areas that would show he can is expand his base without losing his core’


SHARPTON: “Let us not forget, he came a long way from where he was with the black vote, but if the exit polls are correct, almost three quarters of the black voters in Nevada voted against him despite the fact he surpassed in every other area, and that will affect him in South Carolina and affect him in other states on Super Tuesday where he’s going to need a substantial black vote, and if he’s the nominee, a huge black vote in November. Now, his supporters are saying, 'Oh, you’re doing much better and don’t listen to people like Sharpton,' but I’m saying to him that if he is going to be the nominee and victorious, he should not accept being second place or doing better. He has to work on the black vote issue. He has to work on areas that would show that he can expand his base without losing his core.”

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