Rep. Bobby Rush: Michael Bloomberg Is the Best Option for African Americans

‘I believe he’s the only one right now who can defeat Donald Trump’

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RUSH: “Yes, I think that Mike Bloomberg is the best option. That’s the reason I agreed to endorse him. That’s the reason why I became the co-chairman of his campaign. I believe he’s the only one right now who can defeat Donald Trump. And I think that has to be our number one priority is defeating Donald Trump. But joy, first of all, I’m not a liberal. I don’t like that title associated with me. I’m — if you want to — I’m more of a Progressive than a liberal. But notwithstanding that, let me just say that, you know, in African-American community, we, as many — we all agree, you know — we want to have a safe community. But we also know that we are victims. You know, and each one of those candidates, who are before us now as democratic nominees, they all have had to apologize to us in the African-American community for some injury.”

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