Trump Joking About the Iowa Fiasco: Why Don’t They Just Flip Another Coin?

‘Unbelievable, nobody knows who won’


TRUMP: “The Democrat Party wants to run your health care, but they can’t even run a caucus in Iowa. 


By the way, it’s a week, a week. You know, I turned on at 7:00, I wanted to see who won. They said there’s a little problem. Little did they know, does anybody — it's now a week, does anybody know who won Iowa? I don’t know, maybe Rand or Lindsey — Rand, does anybody know who won — Lindsey, you're a total pro. Nobody knows. He said nobody. Flip a coin, flip a coin, flip a coin, they’re going to run your health care. Unbelievable, nobody knows who won. Actually, I think they’re trying to take it away from Bernie again, I think Bernie came in second, can you believe it? They’re doing it to you again, Bernie, they’re doing it to you again.” 

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