Pelosi: Trump Still Hasn’t Even Matched President Obama’s Growth in the Stock Market

‘It is a good indicator but not a good indicator what is happening at the kitchen table of American working families’


PELOSI: "When I talk to my members and they have ideas, I always say what does your idea do for growth, for creation of good paying jobs and reducing the deficit? Let’s see how it meets those standards. What the president has done is not that. And so for him to make as if he did all this stuff, he still hasn’t even matched President Obama’s growth in the stock market if you call that a real measure of success. In some respects it's a good indicator but it's not a good indicator of what is happening at the kitchen tables of American working families where they are concerned that many of them have not received a raise in a very long time, that 40 percent could not find $500 for an emergency.” 

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