Judge Nap: Schiff’s Comments ‘Absolutely Would Be a Mistrial’ If It Were in Front of a Jury

‘This would not happen in front of a jury in a criminal case’


EARHARDT: "What happened is Adam Schiff said it’s extortion, it’s bribery. And the president’s legal team saying that’s not fair, you never put that in the articles of impeachment. And you know this you are a lawyer."
NAPOLITANO: "This would not happen in front of a jury in a criminal case. It absolutely would be a mistrial if it were stated in front of a jury in a criminal case. But this is a different kind of jury where they each get to accuse the other side of all kinds of things. Arguably, the House Judiciary Committee report is part of the charges against the president, and that includes all these things that Congressman Schiff was mentioning yesterday."

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