Sen. Lankford: I Do Think Trump’s Concerned About Corruption All over the World

‘If you want me to send you a long list, I can send you a long list’


LANKFORD: "Yes, I do, actually, think Trump’s concerned about corruption. I also think he's concerned about the people of Ukraine and the war that's there. The House managers tried to say he’s not concerned about them at all when the President stepped up and provided lethal aid, provided aid in the past to them, has been very clear to be able to engage in a lot of things with Ukraine over several years. And so where President Obama would not provide lethal aid, he was sending blankets and MRE packets for food, President Trump has increased that dramatically during his time period for the last several years. So there is this story they’re trying to allude to the president doesn’t care about anything on Ukraine, and then there is the actual facts around it that I think have not come out yet."

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