Kevin McCarthy: Impeachment Is Covering up How Poor the Dem Candidates Are

‘This is all that Adam Schiff has ever done and the American people are continuing to see it’


MCCARTHY: “No. They are going to have to go back to the American people and ask to be reelected on they have issued more subpoenas than they created any laws. You just sit and watch this and you are 100 percent correct. That ad was fantastic it. Lays out all that this president has achieved. Ak450e6d this during the time the Democrats want to investigate and impeach him. Watching in the Senate there is no right for it. Adam Schiff continues to get fixated on the word cover-up. He is the one covering up. Covered up no evidence of Russian collusion. Covered up contact with the whistleblower. He covered up truth from coming out when he stopped the witnesses from answering the Republicans’ questions. Then he covered up, this is really interesting. The only testimony that has not come out from the basement is the inspector general. Why? Because it probably proves he is a fact witness. Now is he covering up texts with more lies. This is all that Adam Schiff has ever done and the American people are continuing to see it.”

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