Chris Wallace Says McConnell ‘Backed Down’ on Rules: Indicates Witnesses ‘More Up for Grabs’ Than We Thought

‘It doesn’t mean they’re not going to pass this eventual motion, I think they will’


WALLACE: “Well, I do think, it is not that big a deal, two days to three days, what is going to happen is there really, and the motion going to say and all the evidence developed in the house impeachment effort was not going to automatically be admitted. Now it is going to be admitted to and it be challenged. Why did they make this change of the very last-minute? Because clearly, there were four Republican senators, at least for who were concerned about it, who said, why do we have to rush? Why do we have to do this until 1:00 in the morning, it makes us look bad, why are we saying with all the evidence that they have accumulated in the house is not admissible right at the start, so, I think it is for her to assume that the only reason that Mitch McConnell backed down, and he did back down, which is very rare for him, is because at least in his early procedural motion, there were at least four senators, Republican senators who said let’s soften this a little bit. It doesn’t mean they’re not going to pass this eventual motion, I think they well, it does not say anything about witnesses and the aunt, but it does indicate that the whole question of witnesses is more up for grabs in many of us thought, because it seemed to indicate that there are some moderate senators, we can guess who it was in the lunch, people like Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, may be Lamar Alexander, a couple of others are expressing some concerns and just remember, Mitch McConnell is the majority leader, but if he does not have a majority, if the Democrats a stand firm with 47 and then get four Republicans to jump over on a much more consequential issue like calling witnesses, if, then it is Chuck Schumer who is really the majority leader.”

(Via Mediaite)

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