Sen. Graham Calls Lev Parnas a ‘Rat,’ Someone Who’s Facing Criminal Charges

‘This is not about getting to the truth’


GRAHAM: “Now they want the Senate to call the National Security Adviser, the Secretary of State, the OMB Director and the Chief of Staff of the President of the United States. Any president would claim executive privilege. This is not about getting to the truth, it's about trying to make Republicans take hard votes. Let me tell you about the new evidence. The new evidence is no different than the old evidence. There's no there there. This came out on Rachel Maddow show, that tell you all you need to know, this Lev Parnas guy is facing indictment. He's been dripping out to the House Intel Committee batches of information crescendoing to the week we start the trial. I smell a rat here. The guy is crooked as a snake and we're not going to slow down this trial."

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