Hogan Gidley: The Democrats Do Not Want This President to Succeed in Any Way

‘We know for a fact that Soleimani has killed at least 600 Americans’

GIDLEY: "No matter what we say, the press at large, and of course the Democrats, are going to jump all over it because they don’t want this president to succeed in any way, whether it’s economically, whether it’s taking out terrorists across the globe, al-Baghdadi and now Soleimani. So listen, after we did this, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, went to a camera and said that this attack was escalatory and it wasn't proportionate, it was a disproportionate response. We know for a fact Soleimani has killed at least 600 Americans, so how many more Americans have to die for Nancy Pelosi to think it is proportionate? 601? 602? Do we have to get to 1,000 first? It’s disgusting, the way these Democrats are parading around this country talking about this president, who is making this country safer, making the world a safer place, and instead, almost parroting the Iranian government talking points. It’s absolutely insane."

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