Fox’s Arroyo: Ilhan Omar Gets PTSD When a Terrorist Is Targeted Yet Giggles When Discussing American Casualties

‘It looks like Omar is actually the arsonist’


ARROYO: “She would know, Laura. Judicial Watch has filed several ethics complaints against her, and it looks like Omar is actually the arsonist. She gets PTSD about a strike on a terrorist mastermind, but today at the press conference, when discussion turned to American casualties in Iraq, he or she is giggling, and gossiping. Look at her. Laughing her head off with her little pals. Worst of all, in a tweet last night, she seemed to offer Iran suggestions on target sheep they might consider striking paper she wrote “Trump needs to immediately divest with his businesses and given to the emoluments clause. His business interests should not be driving our military. I don’t see how the business decisions or driving anything, but to signal out, to point out a private enterprise is really outrageous, and to side with a regime like Iran. Speaking of switching alliances, Laura, it appears that Harry and Meghan Markle — Prince Harry — they dropped a blistering announcement on Instagram today, stating they intend to step back as senior members of the royal family.”

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