Elizabeth Warren on DACA: ‘Let DREAMers Stay’

‘They are our friends, our family, and our future’

WARREN: "And because of DACA, DREAMers, who are as American as you and me, were promised a chance. They were promised a chance to work, the chance to live without fear of being ripped away from family and friends and the home that most of them have known. The chance to build a future. And now President Trump will make a decision on DACA. DREAMers' future hangs in the balance. This Tuesday, August 15th, people are mobilizing to protect DREAMers. So let's not sit back. Let's stand together and say, President Trump, let DREAMers stay. They are our friends, our family and our future. Give DREAMers the chance to build their dreams. That's what we want to do."

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