Chuck Schumer: ‘It’s Hard to Conclude that Any Situations Are Better Off than When’ Trump Took Office

‘That is the result of President Trump’s bumbling’


SCHUMER: "We’re worse off than we were before he started with it. With China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, the President has careened from one impulsive action to the next with no coherent strategy. North Korea today, despite what President Trump said, we don't have to worry about them, is a greater nuclear threat than they have ever been. Trump’s actions have been disastrous. North Korea has more nuclear weapons and by all reports has either developed or is very close to developing an ICBM that can hit the United States mainland. And that is a result of President Trump’s bumbling. The situation in Syria is much worse than before. Doing what he did in Syria, pulling out those troops made no sense to anybody. Even the most hawkish foreign policy people we have. And every time the President seems to deal with Putin, Putin seems to come out ahead. Looking at the President’s chaotic and rudderless foreign policy in hot spots around the globe, it’s hard to conclude that any of the situations are better off than when the President took office three years ago. His policies seem to be characterized by erratic, impulsive and often egotistical behavior with little regard to a long-term strategy that would advance the interests of the United States.”

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