Buttigieg: Seems Like ‘People at Mar-a-Lago’ Had More Briefing on Soleimani Strike Than Congress

‘We need answers on how this decision was reached’


BUTTIGIEG: “No, not until we know whether this was a good decision and how this decision was made. And the president has failed to demonstrate that. The Secretary of State just now when asked whether this strike prevented directly an attack and he did not prove or demonstrate or even claim that the answer was yes. Now, let’s be clear, qassem soleimani was a bad figure. He has American blood on his hands, and none of us should shed a tear for his death. But just because he deserved it doesn’t mean it was the right strategic move. This is about consequences. This is one of the most volatile places in the world. We need answers on how this decision was reached, whether there was an alternative and whether the president has thought through the consequences in particular for American lives and not just the troops on planes going to the Middle East right now, but U.S. Citizens around the world whose lives may be at risk, because of the fallout from this action. Until we get answers on that, the move is questionable to say the least.”

(Via Mediaite)

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