Cory Booker Slams DNC Debate Rules: Instead of Letting Iowans Choose, They’re Being Dictated to by Washington, D.C.

‘It makes no sense’


BOOKER: "I hear this from voters black and white, Latino and white. There’s a sense of just frustration that you’re excluding people from a debate stage because they don’t have the money that often billionaires do to get on those stages. And for our campaign, I literally just came out of Iowa where people are just angry. Iowa starting line, I just pointed out, I’m the number three candidate just in general popularity, as net favorability, in the whole state. We have the most endorsements from local leaders. Iowans are making their choices known in popularity, in endorsements, and even the kind of surge we’re seeing, I’m the number one campaign for percentage of Iowa women contributing to. So there has not been an early state poll since early November. There has not been a poll to even know where things stand at this point. It’s kind of ridiculous that these are the measures we’re putting up. Instead of letting Iowans choose, they’re being dictated to by Washington, D.C. DNC leaders. It makes no sense.” 

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