WaPo’s Bump: ‘Biden Is Very Well Aware that Iowa and New Hampshire Are Not His Strengths’

‘Biden knows that he can’t be blown out in Iowa because that will change the narrative around where he’s headed’


BUMP: “I think that Joe Biden is very well aware that Iowa and New Hampshire are not his strengths. He knows that a lot of his support is really rooted in the African-American community. That positions him very well in South Carolina, he seems to be doing very well in Nevada as well. And I think Joe Biden, he knows he needs to have a respectable performance there. It's not as though he was ever ignoring the states really, but he needs to do decently there, and we've really seen this massive field be narrowed down to about four people and Biden and Sanders have the advantage of having consistent basis of support. Part of the reason that Warren has been attacked is because she gained support, and so therefore people saw this was not necessarily steady support. Same thing with Pete Buttigieg. Biden and Sanders then are well positioned simply because they have these core bases of support and Biden really knows that he can’t be blown out in Iowa because that will, to Brandon's point, change the narrative around where he’s headed.”

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