CNN’s David Gergen Cautions Nancy Pelosi of ‘Double-Edged Sword’ in Holding Back Impeachment

‘Now you have to do it with witnesses on your side’


GERGEN: “I think they’re going on the offensive as Democrats are. Pelosi has been masterful dealing with the issues. She has to double what we might call a double edge sword. One edge of that sword she’s arguing persuasively that the White House is shut down the possibility of getting documents and witnesses. All the key witnesses. And therefore it’s not the full facts haven’t come out and Democrats are entitled to have the full facts if they’ll have a trial. That’s a legitimate argument. On the other hand there’s the side of the sword. That the Democrats have been arguing hustle up we have to hurry. And they have the impeachment done they are saying slow down. We’re not sure we’ll send the articles. You can maintain that for a short period of type. I do not think it’s a sustainable position over a long period of time. It looks too cute. And mark short had a point. A lot of other Republicans and independents will agree, there’s something hypocritical about we want quick now we want it slow. And we were willing to do this without witnesses over on our side of the aisle. Now you have to do it with witnesses on your side. I think it’s a double edge sword.”

(Via Mediaite)

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