Kasparov on W.H. Stopping Press Briefings: We’re on Road to ‘Dictatorship’

‘It doesn’t happen overnight’


STELTER: "This was the year the White House press briefing died, the on camera press briefing. It’s been 28 6 days since a formal press briefing. Does this kind of thing matter, this transparency, this symbolic transparency that goes away in the United States. Does it matter?
KASPAROV: "I made the prediction in 2016 after Trump’s elections. It doesn’t happen overnight. People have the wrong impression about dictatorships being built by the military coups. It happens in many places, day by day, night by night."
STELTER: "This is not a dictatorship."
KASPAROV: "No. But it’s a road to perdition. It takes time. Looking at 2016 and now, 2016 elections value dated Trump’s style. God forbid he’s elected in 2020. That’s validation of his methods. You say it’s Trump. But by the way, Trump has a family. That’s why if those within the Trump world will be gone by 2020, I can remind them he has a daughter, he has a son and it’s no longer GOP. It’s Trump’s body. Even worse, there are people who will be following Trump’s successful technique. Look at the Republicans. They keep repeating the greatest economy, huge. It’s amazing this — the Republicans today are just — no longer reliable sources."
STELTER: "You can say that."
KASPAROV: "The only reliable puppets."

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