Scarborough Blasts Giuliani’s Admission of Yovanovitch Smear Campaign: ‘This Is Rudy’s Impeachment’

‘He was so desperate for attention’


SCARBOROUGH: "By the way, this is — this is Rudy’s impeachment."
SCARBOROUGH: "I mean, this — none of this would have happened without Rudy Giuliani. And you talk to people around Donald Trump and they tell you that. I mean, we’ll continue with this, Willie, but, you know, he was so desperate for attention, he was so desperate to be in the news, he was desperate to say, 'Hey, I’m talking to the president and I'm really important to the president of the United States,' even while people at State, people at DOD, people at the White House, understood the risk that Rudy actually had towards Donald Trump and the presidency. You know, Jimmy Breslin nailed it when he said Rudy Giuliani was a small man in search of a balcony. You talk to people who worked with him when he was at his height. They will tell you all of this is about nothing more than Rudy Giuliani being desperate to stay relevant. And he was so desperate to remain relevant and continues to be so desperate to remain relevant that he keeps endangering the President’s prospects day in and day out."

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