Scarborough: If Any Other Attorney General Lied to the Public Like Bill Barr, They’d Be Forced to Resign’

‘What should not surprise us is William Barr continues to lie’


SCARBOROUGH: “And yet, I guess what should not surprise us is William Barr continues to lie. And now, more troubling actually, he has a U.S. Attorney that is going around lying too. Because, you know, I saw this, somebody said this yesterday, if any other Attorney General had accused the FBI of spying and accused the FBI of all the things that William Barr accused it of and then it was disproven, all of his conspiracy theories disproven, I mean he was shown to be a liar by an Inspector General’s report, well, any other Attorney General would be forced to resign. This Attorney General, he just keeps lying. It’s all he knows how to do now.”

(via Mediaite)

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