Smerconish: It Would Be a Huge Mistake if Dems Include Mueller Report in Impeachment

‘In the second half of the Mueller report relative to the obstruction issues, Mueller reached no conclusion’


SMERCONISH: "My view is in my opinion that it would be a tactical blunder, a huge mistake if Democrats were to expand the focus to include the Mueller report. Let’s not forget, John, that in the second half of the Mueller report, relative to the obstruction issues, Mueller reached no conclusion. And then you got into that whole tit for tat with Bill Barr and what Mueller had concluded differently or not concluded at all. More importantly, I think it would play into the President’s hands and the hands of Republicans who say, 'Look, they’ve been lying in wait since day one for the President. This is about the whole kitchen sink and not simply what transpired relative to Ukraine.' I think a sniper approach is better than a shotgun blast in a case like this."

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