‘The View’ Bashes ‘Cruel’ Cuts to Food Stamps: Can’t Govt. Feed, House Everyone Who ‘Needs’ Help?

‘I feel like sometimes the cruelty is baked into the cake’


HOSTIN: "So this discussion somehow that Democrats, you know, do we want a lover or a fighter? I think we just want someone that will elevate the discourse and elevate what’s going on in this country. Think about it, Joy. You just said what this administration is doing about food stamps. Cutting the food stamp budget by $4.2 billion. $4.2 billion. And then people are saying, you know, the minority communities are affected. Well, 40% of the recipients are white people, and so people that are in a large part some Trump supporters. You’re talking about 400,000 people in Texas losing their money."
BEHAR: "A million school children will lose their school lunch."
HOSTIN: "How about 328,000 in Florida? How about one in five Wisconsin households currently getting help from their groceries will lose that benefit. Iowans will lose that benefit. Why aren’t people talking about that?"
BROWN: "Can I ask a question? Why is it wrong to take care of people? Why is it wrong to feed people or house people if they need it?"

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