Scarborough: Trump Supporters ‘Are Wilfully Being Conned’

‘Republicans have better opinions of Vladimir Putin than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama’


SCARBOROUGH: “The victims are wilfully being conned. They want to be conned. These victims, actually, in a poll that a lot of people were talking about this weekend, members of the Republican Party say that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln. The president who saved the union versus the president who has run up the biggest debt in U.S. history, the president who has capitulated to Kim Jong-Un, the president who time and time again has put his interests ahead of the interests of the country. I mean, it’s just one poll. It’s just one snapshot in time. But I can also show you other polls that show that Republican — rank and file Republicans’ approval of Vladimir Putin rose exponentially after Donald Trump became president of the United States. And in some of those polls, Republicans have better opinions of Vladimir Putin than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.”

(h/t Contemptor)

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