Alan Dershowitz: Trump’s Not a King … He’s ‘Far More Powerful Than’ That, Has Powers ‘Kings Have Never Had’

‘We don’t live in a parliamentary democracy’

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DERSHOWITZ: "Well, the big winner is Uber because McGahn will have to get into his car, he'll have to go over to the Capitol, raise his hand, take an oath, and then he can invoke privilege. So  this has no substantive impact. The judge went out of her way to say, 'I’m not ruling on the issues of privilege. All I'm saying is he has to show up.' He used that word and then she went nuts talking about how the President is not the king. Of course the president is not the king. The president is far more powerful than the king. The president has the power that kings have never had. He’s a very, very powerful office and the Framers wanted it that way. That's why they require for impeachment very strict criteria to be met. And we don’t live in a parliamentary democracy where parliament can just vote to remove a leader, a prime minister. So this decision itself has no big impact. All it means is people have to show up and then they can invoke the privilege."

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