CNN New Day Rips John Kennedy’s ‘Stunning’ Double Down on Ukraine Conspiracy: ‘Another Victory for Vladimir Putin’

‘He went to Oxford, he knows what the intelligence community says’


GOLODRYGA: "That also shows, once again, another victory for Vladimir Putin just to sow chaos, right, and distrust within the democracy here in the United States. It's just stunning what we continue to see on a daily basis. And the fact that you say, point-blank, everybody knows better -- everybody knows. All of these Republican congressmen and senators who sit here and say I don't know, they do know that Russia was behind this and it's a huge disservice they're doing for their constituents and this country. And another thing I'd like to point out because it speaks to who you say really stood out over these two weeks are the 12 diplomats and public servants that we heard from testifying one after another, saying that they are not partisan, that they are just fact witnesses. And all of these fact witnesses really seem to speak truth to power in many cases and, once again, pointing the finger at Russia."

(h/t Mediaite)

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