Scarborough: Biden Has a Chance of Beating Trump But He Ends Up Stumbling

‘Is the media grading Joe Biden on a scale?’


SCARBOROUGH: "Of course, Willie, he’s struggling there. He’s closing his eyes. He knows he’s having trouble finding words. The sentences are jumbled, the words are jumbled. I just wonder, when I read — you see this and, listen, I’m just saying, I think Biden has the best chance of beating Trump. I do. Like, if he’s on his game. But I just wonder, is the media grading Joe Biden on a scale? Are we afraid to say that a lot of his sentences don’t make sense? That he’s having trouble completing thoughts? That when he’s asked in a previous debate about Afghanistan, an issue he knows more about than anybody, not only on that stage, but in Washington, D.C., he ends up stumbling through an answer on Iraq? Are we grading him on a scale the same way people have always graded Donald Trump on a scale in these debates?"

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