Rep. Kevin McCarthy: ‘Impeachment Has Overtaken Every Single Committee’

‘This week is just about impeachment’


McCARTHY: “There's nothing compelling. There's nothing overwhelming. And the only bipartisan vote we had was to end impeachment. But apparently she doesn't stick with her words. I thought what was most ironic yesterday was the setting for the hearing, the Ways and Means Committee room. Democrats on that dais tried to spend their entire day to discredit this President's and this administration's foreign policy and their success. Not only were they wrong, they did it while hijacking a committee where we decide on our trade policy. They did it while having Ways and Means, where the USMCA, United States, Mexico and Canada trade agreement can only make our top two traders only stronger as we have negotiations with China. It only emphasized, again, what is not being done in Congress and what should be being done in Congress. Impeachment has overtaken every single committee. We're less than a year away from the election, but these Democrats do not trust the American public. They will continue to try to make something up when we have the facts of the phone call. We know there was no pressure to either leader and the money was released. And Ukraine is actually stronger today with a new administration leading America."

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