Trump: Democrats Still Haven’t Recovered from 2016, They Are Going to Lose Again in 2020

‘They lost an election and they lost it big’


TRUMP: "You know what it is really? It is a crooked deal. This is like the fake dossier and like everything else. These are crooked people. They lost an election and they lost it big. It was really a landslide from the Electoral College standpoint and they lost it big and they still haven’t recovered. And they are going to lose again. What they’re trying to do is weaken me, but it has actually made me stronger. Interestingly, if you look at the polls that just came out, my polls are up. The fundraising is through the roof. It has never been this high. We just had fundraising. Because people are angry about it and it has made Republicans and people that vote for me, not just Republicans, really angry. They’ve really become angry because it’s a hoax.”

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