Laura Ingraham: It’s Time for Mitch McConnel to Take a Stand and Fight the Impeachment

‘McConnell must also stop acting like his hands are tied’

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INGRAHAM: “Complete outrage, very frustrating. But then, over in the Senate, Republicans are in the majority, there are more options. Senate majority leader must start using his power to stand up against the Democrats’ political reign of terror. This is Mcconnell’s moment. He needs to show the American people that the G.O.P. Stands united behind the man that they elected to lead this country, run our foreign policy, help advance our economy. Mcconnell needs to make sure that every Republican keeps pressure on Pelosi, Schiff, and humor. His resolution with Lindsey Graham was a very good start. And asked for a possible impeachment trial, McConnell must also stop acting like his hands are tied. It is true that there are current rules governing how impeachment is done. Those rules have largely been unchanged for decades and decades. Probably time for some updating, don’t you think?”

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