Heritage’s Nile Gardiner: U.K. Needs ‘a New Parliament’ that Will ‘Move Forward with Brexit’

‘I do believe that a Brexit will be a great development for the United Kingdom once is actually implemented’


GARDINER: "Well, I think the British people really just want to get on with Brexit. And as the Prime Minister says, let's get Brexit done. I think that’s what the vast majority of British people want to see right now. And this has been a long drawn out, arduous process really because parliament has not being willing to move forward with Brexit, and a large majority of MPs in parliament are Remainers or anti-Brexit MPs. They do not respect the will of the British people which is why we need a general election for a new parliament to come in that will move forward with Brexit. And I do believe that Brexit will be a great development for the United Kingdom once it's actually implemented. Britain will do just fine with or without a Brexit deal with the European Union. The U.K. is the world’s 5th largest economy, it has record levels of foreign direct investment at the moment. And I think that the U.K. will thrive and prosper in the Brexit era, and also Brexit I think will be good for the United States. But let's move forward with Brexit, and let's get Brexit done. And we clearly need a general election in the United Kingdom in order to move forward."

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