Rep. Green to Trump for Invoking ‘Lynching’: ‘Makes You No Better’ than KKK

‘I rise because how dare the president compare lynching to impeachment’

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GREEN: “And still I rise, Mr. Speaker. And I rise today with a heavy heart and tears welling in my eyes, I rise. I rise because how dare the President compare lynching to impeachment. How dare he do this? Does he not know the history of lynching in this country? Does he not know that thousands of African-Americans were lynched — mob violence. Does he not know this is the equivalent of murder? How dare the President compare Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution, a lawful constitutional process, to mob violence and lynching? Mr. President, do you not understand the history that you are encroaching upon? If you continue to weaponize racism and bigotry, this makes you no better than those who were screaming 'Blood and soil, Jews will not replace us.' It makes you no better than them.” 

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