Scarborough Hits Trump for Letting Russia Benefit from Syria Crisis: ‘Pelosi Was Right, All Roads Lead to Putin’

‘Nancy Pelosi was right, all roads lead back to Putin’


SCARBOROUGH: “If Republicans are scratching their head over the Syria decision, the Kurd decision that undercut Israel and helped rebuild ISIS, then ask the question, the Roman judges would say, 'Who benefits?' The answer’s very clear. Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin for the first time in 1970 — for the first time since 1973, Russia has a foothold in the Middle East. That foothold degree exponentially stronger with Donald Trump beating a speedy retreat out of Syria and doing absolutely nothing to check Russia’s power there. Who benefits? Assad who Vladimir Putin has been propping up for years now. Even though he killed 500,000 people, the Russians actually bombed four hospitals within a 24-hour time period. Hospitals with patients in them, reported 'The New York Times.' Who benefits? Putin. Because Assad now is, Ed Luce points out, cements power in Syria. Who benefits? Putin. Because Turkey, whose leader Erdogan is going to Russia, Turkey now builds a closer relationship to Russia. And as Ed points out, it may — it just may be that Turkey will decide to leave NATO — they're a member in name only anyway — and actually create a strategic partnership with whom? France? No. Germany? No. With Vladimir Putin. Who benefits from all of this? Vladimir Putin and Russia. Nancy Pelosi was right, all roads lead back to Putin."

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