Wasserman Schultz: Democrats Will Happily Run on ObamaCare Next Year

‘Democrats will be able to run on ObamaCare as an advantage leading into the 2014 elections’

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: I think Democrats will run on ObamaCare next year (Hot Air)

Via David Freddoso, who points out that Wasserman-Schultz is already sufficiently worried about the political fallout that she’s taken to referring to cancellation notices as “transition notices.” Is there any scenario in which ObamaCare turns into a winner for Democrats ahead of the midterms? Well, per Byron York‘s analysis, roughly 59 percent of people who land on the O-Care exchanges next year will be eligible for taxpayer subsidies to help pay for their new insurance. And people with preexisting conditions are getting a de facto subsidy in the form of community rating. Winners! But — not all of the people receiving subsidies will receive enough of one make their new, more expensive insurance cheaper than their current plan is. Many will earn too much to qualify for any subsidy at all. Losers! If there are more winners than losers, then maybe Democrats benefit. (Although, needless to say, the distribution of winners and losers in red and blue districts will matter hugely for the midterms.)

Still too early to tell, but here’s what the “losers” sound like these days. Meet Lori Gottlieb, who’ll be paying $5,400 more this year for a plan that gives her all sorts of new benefits she doesn’t want. And her reward for this is indifference or even annoyance from friends with employer-provided insurance that she’d dare grumble about having her income expropriated to subsidize the rest of the population:

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