Buttigieg on Warren’s Health Care Plan: ‘More Specific and Forthcoming About the Number of Selfies She’s Taken’

‘And that’s a real problem, especially when there’s a better way to deliver health care coverage to everybody’


BUTTIGIEG: “I have a lot of respect for Senator Warren, but last night she was more specific and forthcoming about the number of selfies she's taken than about how this plan is going to be funded. And that's a real problem, especially when there's a better way to deliver health care coverage to everybody. What most Americans want is to have an opportunity to walk away from their private plan, to have that, what I call Medicare for all who want it alternative, but also to be able to keep their private plan if they would prefer. And I think that's the right answer, especially when you do the math and realize it's also an answer that is paid for, unlike the Medicare for all, whether you want it or not plans, that still have this giant question mark over how it's supposes to work."

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