Carville Jokes About Harry Reid Clubbing Republicans ‘To Death’

‘The best thing they did was let Harry Reid club them to death...’

CARVILLE: "Because we know for a fact that if they would have just delayed it six months, that they wouldn't have said we're going to shut down the government if you don't delay it another six months, no, because they're such reasonable people, and really all they want to do is just get something done for the country. Oh my gosh, oh jeez."
BRZEZINSKI: "Yes, exactly."
KRISTOL: "You don't think he could have split the Republicans, James? You don't think he could have handled that with much more deftness?"
CARVILLE: "I think the best thing they did was let Harry Reid club them like -- like to death, and then have Mitch McConnell walk in and say, 'OK, now, we can't do this anymore.' It's the only way you could have done that. It couldn't have been done any other way. He didn't want to shut the government down. He didn't want to default on the debt. But they had to go through that. They had to go sing Amazing Grace, and then cut the deal."
SCARBOROUGH: "All right, to our friends at NewsBusters, let's see. It is 7:14 when he talked about clubbing Republicans to death. Let's move on."

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