Turkey’s Edrogan Spox on Kurdish Offensive: Kurds Using Civilians as ‘Human Shields’

‘It’s the similar campaign that we saw before ... we are not attacking any civilians’


KALIN: “It's a smear campaign that we have seen before in regards to the PKK. In fact we're not attacking any civilians. But even your reporting confuses the PKK in Syria, which is PYD/YPG and the Kurdish population. There are thousands of Kurds who live in Syria who do not subscribe to PKK's Marxist/Leninist ideology. In fact just this morning a number of tribes, both Arab and Kurdish, and others have called on our forces to protect them against PYD/YPG. And PYD spokespeople yesterday said that they will use civilians as human shields. That's really a monstrosity. We are not interested in changing demographics in northeast Syria or occupying any part of Syria, we want to establish this safe zones for safety of our citizens and also for the Syrian refugees and the local people living in that part of Syria."

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