Angus King: The Kurds Lost 11,000 Fighters Against ISIS and We’re Turning Our Backs on Them

‘The Kurds died for us’


KING: “Nothing whatsoever and this is the second presidential phone conversation that is of intense interest. We don’t know what was said. What we do know, that’s virtually the only input that the president had to this decision. I haven’t heard of anybody in the administration, the State Department, the defense department, that knew this was coming. People from the defense and State Department were talking about the policy of maintaining this kind of buffer zone and presence in northern Syria on Saturday. The phone call came on Sunday and now we’re in the mess that we’re in leading hopefully not but quite easily to a massacre and if that happens, the blood is on our hands. And, you know, who, Chris, is going to answer the call the next time we need help in the world? This isn’t America first. It’s America alone. And the Kurds died for us. They lost 11,000 people in the fight against ISIS. They were the point of the sphere of this coalition and to turn our backs on them and leave them to the tender mercies of the Turks, it’s unbelievable. But it’s going to have ramifications. It’s morally reprehensible because we turned our backs on them.”

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