Kilmeade Mocks ‘General Rand Paul’ Over Trump’s Syria Decision

‘General Rand Paul is pleased’


KILMEADE: "General Rand Paul was pleased. That's about it. But senator, let's talk about it. Can you actually say --"
GRAHAM: "Well, no, this is -- this is Obama. No, this is not Rand Paul, this is Obama. Obama did the same thing in Iraq. He was told we can’t leave yet. We can reduce our forces. And here is what breaks my heart. The Trump way of doing business worked. We destroyed ISIS with the help of the Kurds. American air power with 60,000 ground troops provided by people in the region works. We did this with a couple thousand Americans. We can’t abandon the Kurds now. We can’t turn it over to Turkey. To think that will work is really delusional and dangerous."

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