Clinton on Trump Impeachment Push: ‘Much More Serious’ than ‘Charges Against Bill’

‘This is a direct threat to the national security of America’

CLINTON: This is a much more serious set of charges than anything that was ever put forward against Bill. And I think the American people got that. This is a very different time.

And, as a former secretary of state, I just want Americans to stop and think, why are we allowing this president to, in effect, undermine our sovereignty, turning over foreign policy to foreign governments, what he just did with the Kurds, empowering Turkey and Russia against our staunchest allies in the Middle East?

Why are we sitting silently by and watching this president do Vladimir Putin’s bidding? I mean, there is no happier man in the world right now than Putin.

Why are we watching this unfortunate trade battle with China now being infected with his plea that China investigate Biden? This is no longer just about the crazy stuff he says and does that everybody shrugs at or worries about. This is a direct threat to the national security of America.

And I think that’s what has gotten people’s attention. So, certainly among Democrats, but now increasingly among self-identified independents, and even growing numbers of Republicans are saying, wait a minute, this must go forward.

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