James Clapper Appears to Admit President Obama Directed Him to Go After the Trump Campaign

‘I know from my part, my main concern were the Russians and the threat posed by the Russians to our very political fabric’

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SCIUTTO: “As you know, the President now has sitting members of this government, you have the Attorney General traveling the world now, meeting with U.S. intelligence partners, trying to find out, in his view, whether they participated in some sort of Obama Administration-led effort to undermine President Trump in the last election here. You also know that John Durham, who is a former prosecutor, senior Justice Department official, he’s pursuing his own investigation on the origins of that probe. Are you concerned that Barr’s or Durham’s investigation will find wrongdoing and seek to punish former intelligence officials?”

CLAPPER: “Well, I don’t know. I don’t think there was any wrongdoing. I think at the time all of us were trying to navigate a very, very difficult, politically fraught, highly charged situation. I know from my part, my main concern were the Russians and the threat posed by the Russians to our very political fabric. The message I’m getting from all this is, apparently what we were supposed to have done was to ignore the Russian interference, ignore the Russian meddling and the threat that it poses to us. And oh, by the way, blown off what the then commander-in-chief, President Obama, told us to do, which was to assemble all the reporting that we could that we had available to us and put it in one report that the President could pass on to the Congress and to the next administration, and while we’re at it, declassify as much as we possibly could to make it public, and that’s what we did. It’s kind of disconcerting now to be investigated for having done our duty and done what we were told to do by the President.”

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