Trump on USMCA: We Hope Nancy Pelosi Gets It Voted On, the American Public Is Tired of Do Nothing

‘We are doing a lot and Democrats are doing nothing’

TRUMP: "This deal is remarkable in that it will ensure that Americans have a level playing field in trading, cutting-edge products and service, such as videos, music, e-books and software. These comprehensive provisions meet the gold standard of digital trade rules that were set in the landmark USMCA. And again, we hope that's going to get voted on. We hope that Nancy Pelosi gets it voted on because everyone wants it. She will have to make her own decision. Let her make her own decision. But I can tell you the American public is tired of do nothing. We are doing a lot and the Democrats are doing nothing. Thriving commerce between the United States and Japan is essential to advancing opportunity and prosperity for our people. The United States and Japan are the world’s largest and third largest economies."

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