Kevin McCarthy: Adam Schiff Is the ‘Common Denominator’ in the Lies About Impeachment

‘He lied to the American public even on MSNBC about even meeting with the whistleblower’


DOOCY: "At these depositions there were one or two last week there is going to be one or two again this week. I have heard reporting that apparently the Republicans can be in the room, but they can’t really ask any questions."
KILMEADE: "They can’t."
MCCARTHY: "Do you know who can be in the room? The Democrats control how many Republicans can go in the room. How many staff. And then what else they control is what America gets to hear about it. If you read the entire transcript of the hearings last week -- again we would end this nightmare one more time. But no, they want to do selective text but not let everything else out. This is the problem and why she put it into intel. It goes back to what Schiff has said every time before he has lied. He is the common denominator of all these failures and all these lies.

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