Booker: No, Asking Questions About Hunter Biden Is Not Fair; ‘There’s No Evidence Whatsoever’

‘If you want to talk about ethics laws, heck, I’ve been at this law since I was mayor’

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BOOKER: “Are questions about hunter Biden fair ipthe context of a president who is accused of doing really what I would think were unimaginable things. Questions about hunter Biden in this context, someone who’s been investigated, someone from Ukrainians to Americans to Europeans, there’s no evidence whatsoever. So, no, it is not fair that the president of the United States is trying to get all of us to be talking about someone else other than him. What he has engaged in is despicable behavior that was warned about by our founding fathers, by letting foreign governments try to intervene in our elections, and he is doing just that. So if you want to talk about ethics laws, heck, I’ve been at this law since I was mayor, trying to put more strict ones in place and lord knows Washington needs them. The children of this president are engaging in behavior I think is unacceptable.”

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