Mark Steyn: Trump Can Hang It over Joe Biden’s Neck All Through the Campaign How Hunter Biden Has Become a Ukranian Oligarch

‘There’s no reason why Hunter Biden, ... should be riding around on Air Force two’


STEYN: “Now and I think in part because what has happened and recent days confirms that. Last time around the democratic enthusiasm was for Bernie who was full-blown socialism and so-called moderation and centrism was represented by a kleptocratic bracket which was Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Now we have the same situation. There is Bernie. Elizabeth Warren. There is younger, prettier Bernie in the seven dwarves and all the rest of them and centrist moderation is represented by another corrupt kleptocratic. There is no reason why Hunter Biden, a middle-aged man who should have moved out of his father’s home by now should be riding around on Air Force two. There shouldn’t be an Air Force two, but that’s another issue. If there is an Air Force to drain, he shouldn’t be jetting into China and Ukraine. Joe Biden and his first campaign plagiarized the Welsh labour party leader and said he was the first Biden in a thousand generations to go to college pretty so that line. Hunter Biden is the first Biden and a thousand generations to become a Ukrainian oligarch and Trump is perfectly capable of hanging that around his father’s neck all the way to election.”

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