Earnest: House GOP Climate Deniers Not the Right People To Vote on Emissions Deal

‘They feel like they need to have a voice in this, how do you respond to it?’

BREAM: "Not surprising, from the Hill, there are a number of leaders there who say, 'This represents yet another agreement that Congress should be involved with.' They feel like they should have a voice in it, an agreement of this scale. How do you respond to them?"
EARNEST: "Well these are individuals whom, many of whom at least, deny the fact that climate change even exists. So I'm not sure they would be in the best position to decide whether or not a climate change agreement is one that is worth entering into. The fact is, the kind of agreement that the president succeeded in striking with China, and is implementing here in the United States, is one that will have a positive impact on carbon pollution, will have a positive impact on trying to make the air safer for Americans here in our country. And will have a positive impact on our economy. That's why the president is pursuing this so aggressively. We certainly would welcome any kind of support that we could get from Congress on that measure."
BREAM: "[indecipherable] aside, Is this the kind of agreement that Congress should have the ability to sign off on?"
EARNEST: "Well, again, I think it's hard to take seriously from some members of Congress who deny the fact that climate change exists, that they should have some opportunity to render judgment about a climate change agreement."

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