Newsmax CEO, Trump Ally Chris Ruddy Calls Impeachment Push a ‘Mortal Threat’ to POTUS

‘I think the president should view it that way’


RUDDY: “Well, I think in terms of Congress, who do you — I mean, 50 years in Politics. She’s been 30 years in Congress. She’s held the leadership position in good times, bad times. I think she’s shown herself very adept in Donald Trump is one of the toughest competitors out there and she’s shown herself out there very adept. I think she’s thrown down a challenge to the president this past week. I view this as a mortal threat to the presidency. I think the president should view it that way. This is a very unusual situation. Not only has she called an inquiry based on no evidence of a crime, she’s opened up six congressional committees against the president so she’s come out guns blazing and I think, you know, with a year left in the president’s term, he has had a — if you look at his record in terms of the economy, in terms of global affairs, it’s been a pretty darn good record. The American people, the polls despite the drumming he takes from guys like you, Brian, his polls have been pretty remarkably high. He’s going into the last year of his first term and he’s being hit with impeachment. You have to ask yourself if it’s political.”

(Via Mediaite)

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