Joe Walsh: Trump ‘Doesn’t Give a Damn About This Country’

‘We have a president who doesn’t have any respect for the rule of law’


WALSH: “What have we learned this week? We learned that the president of the United States asked a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 election. That’s what the American people found out this week. And Brianna what's astounding about that, right, the president asking a country to interfere in our 2020 election is -- that's very issue that has torn this country apart for the last two or three years. Russia interfering in our 2016 election, and we find out this week that this guy in the White House asked another country to interfere in our 2020 election -- Brianna, it’s impeachable, it’s clear that this president, and this is a serious thing to say, doesn’t give a damn about this country. And Brianna, this is a gut-check. This is gut-check time for Republicans."

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