Sen. Hirono: ‘I Think There Is Evidence’ To Start Impeachment Procedure

‘One should be able to connect the dots, and I think there is evidence’


HIRONO: "I think there is more concrete evidence. And even if the president didn’t say, 'Hey, by the way, leader of the Ukraine, you know, I’m holding back money so I’ll release it if you investigate Biden, my opponent, possible opponent,' you know, you don’t have to have the President actually say that. The President knows that his conversations are monitored, but one should be able to connect the dots, and I think there is evidence — not to mention the whistleblower who sent a complaint to his I.G., and what’s supposed to happen after the I.G. determines that this is credible and important information, that that was supposed to then go to the Director of National Intelligence, who by law is supposed to release it. But do they do that? No, he goes to the Trump attorney general and lo and behold the Attorney General’s Office, the Office of Legal Counsel says, 'You don’t have to do that.' So this is an administration — it all adds up after a while. The cumulative impact of all the things that this president does to flaunt the law adds up, and you get to the point where he’s actually having some kind of a quid pro quo kind of a deal that he’s trying to make with the leader of the Ukraine. Now that’s — that’s beyond the pale really."

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