MSNBC’s Hayes: Trump Hijacking U.S. Foreign Policy Is an Impeachable Offense

‘It’s mostly confirmed’


HAYES: “So throughout the day he hit all three major parts of the contention, an investigation pertaining to Biden, or you don’t get the money. And that is an obviously impeachable abuse of power. A president union laterally hijacking American foreign policy and public dollars as a tool for extortion, bribery, and blackmail of a foreign country to get them to sabotage a likely opposing candidate. And it’s mostly confirmed. That’s where we are. Now, there’s more we should learn. “New York Times” reporting indicates that the substance of that whistle-blower complaint that kicked this off actually involved multiple actions. “Washington Post” reports Trump’s interaction of the foreign leader included a promise that was regarded as so troubling, it prompted an official in the U.S. Intelligence community to file a formal whistle-blower complaint. That complaint was later seen as urgent by the inspector general of the intelligence community. So we should see it all, right? At this point we should see the transcript of the phone call with the Keanu president. What’s the point of keeping it secret anymore? It’s mostly out there. Giuliani and Trump are running around saying it’s right. The actions of Trump are not surprising anymore.”

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